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Our Philosophy

It's straightforward - lose bad, harmful stuff and use natural ingredients and skin-friendly formulations to enable skin's own regulatory processes. We love the approach based on skin's physiology and nature's intelligence with the bonus of recent research and innovations in biotechnology. 

Our products are:

- non-toxic,

- with natural ingredients,

- have silky textures,

- vegan and have never been tested on animals,

- and made to order.

Promise from

the Founder

"My promise is that every single Sunflower Girl product for every client is handmade with much attention and much care as if it was made for my own use".

Elvira Muckelroy

What Our Customers say

These products are amazing. They are creating a remarkable difference in my skin in just the short time I’ve used them.

-Lynn W.

My skin has never felt better, Sunflower Girl products do not disappoint!

-Kelcie P.

I’ve tried a variety of Sunflower Girl products for a period of time, and am very happy with the results.

-Anel T.

Addicted to @sunflowergirlskincare. My skin has never been clearer.

-Britni B.

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