Oil-free| No SLS | All skin types


This is a mild cleanser, suitable for all skin types, with a cleansing ingredient that is derived from amino acids obtained from apple juice. It will affectively remove impurities and makeup from your face while remaining gentle towards the skin barrier, making it great for those with sensitive skin.


This is a SLS-free and oil-free formula which contains the soothing botanicals Witch Hazel Hydrosol and Willow Bark Extract. Willow Bark Extract is a natural source of B-hydroxy acid which promotes gentle exfoliation of the skin.

Foaming Cleanser with Witch Hazel Hydrosol and Willow Bark Extract

  • Pump the cleanser two or three times into your hand and gently apply the foam to your skin in a circular motion. Rinse off with water, and repeat if needed. Follow up with a serum and/or face cream.