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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you use?

All of the ingredients in our formulations are skin-friendly and functional. The majority of our ingredients are plant-derived: natural oils and herbal extracts. 


Natural oils are cold-processed, unrefined and organic wherever possible. We also use a small amount of cosmetic ingredients that are products of biotechnology, nature-identical and lab-created. These skin-friendly ingredients mimic the function and impact of their naturally-sourced counterparts on the skin and their use helps us to avoid using ingredients that are difficult to source and animal sources as we are committed to animal cruelty-free and vegan-only formulations.

All of our ingredients come from reliable, specialty sellers of cosmetic ingredients.


Do you use fragrances in your products?

No, we do not add any fragrances, including essential oils. 

Do you use preservatives in your products?

If skincare products have any amount of water-containing ingredients, they must contain a preservative in order to  prevent the formation of yeast, bacteria, and mold in the product and protect the customers. It is important to note that we use a preservative that is of synthetic origin but it is one of the rare preservatives authorized by ECOCERT and it is therefore widely used in organic cosmetics.

What order do I apply your face products?

  1. Step one. Cleansing with the Foaming Cleaner. Daily.

  2. Step two. Deep cleansing with the Exfoliating mask. Multiple times a month. 

  3. Step three. Hydrating with the Multifunctional Serum. Daily.

  4. Step four. Moisturizing and nourishing with Phytosilk during the day and the Blissful night cream at night. Daily.

  5. Step five. Reviving and protecting the skin around the eyes with the Bright Eyes cream. Daily. 


Please refer to the individual product listings to see specific instructions for the application of each product.

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What ages are your products for?

The Sunflower Girl skincare line is intended for use by women with mature skin. The generally accepted lower end for this age group is 30. However, we recognize that different people have different skin situations and concerns and they should make their own decision.

 If you are under the age of 30 and you choose to use our products, you do so in your own judgment.

Can I use your products during pregnancy?



How long will the products last if I use them regularly?

Between 2.5 and 3 months, depending how liberally you apply the products.

When do your skincare products expire?

All products will last about 6 months when refrigerated before opening.

Once opened, the products will last five months when refrigerated and three months when stored at room temperature.


Are your products skin-type specific?

Most of our products are for all skin types. The exception is moisturizers. Our skin produces less sebum after 30 and turns the skin dry. That's why we developed Phytosilk day cream and Blissful Night cream for the dry skin type.


There is a small number of women who have oily or combination skin after 30. For them we developed Phytosilk and Blissful night creams for oily/combination skin.

My skin is normal but I don't see that option. What should I choose?

If your skin has always been normal since puberty, the chances are your skin is actually dry since the mature skin produces less sebum. If you are transitioning from oily and combination skin, right now it may look normal and will eventually become dry as you get older. For these cases, we recommend to use moisturizers for oily/combination skin during the summer and switch to moisturizers for dry skin during winter when the skin naturally reduces the amount of sebum it produces and the skin tends to be on the dry side. 

If you are still unsure, please feel free to discuss with our founder and skincare formulator Elvira Muckelroy.

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