our mission
we inspire women to be beautiful naturally

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We believe...

We believe that  healthy skin is beautiful and to be beautiful it needs to be healthy.

Our products are gentle on your skin, they preserve skin's health and enable skin's own defensive mechanisms.

Our products

We strive to care for your skin with products that are protective and enabling of your skin’s own internal resources to heal and rejuvenate.


We rely on plant-powered formulas, principles of corneotherapy, methodology of combining natural oils’ fatty acids and innovations of biotechnology.

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Our products are formulated based on principles of corneotherapy. 

Corneotherapy, a term coined by Dr. Albert Kligman, is a skin care concept based on repairing the stratum corneum and therefore improving the function of the skin barrier and, as the result, the appearance of the skin.

Meet Elvira

Born and raised in the large city of Samara in Russia, Sunflower Girl founder Elvira Muckelroy has always been close to nature. As a child, she spent most summer days either in the country side where most of her cousins lived or in the Zhiguli Nature Reserve located on the Samara Bend in the Samara region, where the Volga River swings around the Zhiguli Mountains. Fishing, picking wild berries, fruits and herbs have been an integral part of her life since childhood.

At the age of 25, a college graduate with a major in sociology and a few years of work in the field of education, Elvira was invited to visit Southern Illinois University Carbondale in Carbondale, Illinois for an exchange visit.


Little did she know that a short stay would turn into over 20 years of life in southern Illinois.

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Elvira met her future husband and made home in the rural area of Makanda, Illinois. When Elvira was expecting her second child, a girl, she started thinking what kind of a role model she was going to be for her daughter and the questions of skin care were raised. Elvira signed up to an online program about natural beauty and that’s how she discovered her passion for natural skin care.

Since then, Elvira completed multiple advanced courses on formulating skincare products with the focus on natural ingredients. Eventually, she received a certification in Organic Skincare Business.

Elvira was making skincare products for herself, her family and friends for a period of time before she was advised starting a business. That’s how a passion turned into a passion-driven business adventure.

First, Elvira worked on her business  part-time because of her full-time job commitment. However, in 2021, she left her professional career in higher education and turned her full attention to her skincare business.

Today, Sunflower Girl is a woman-owned company serving women of southern Illinois and beyond. Elvira has participated in local health and wellness fairs as a vendor and a speaker, presenting her skincare line and meeting like-minded women from the area.


She plans to expand the product line soon and start educational online programs for women of all ages who want to learn more about natural skin care products and anti-aging secrets.

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Message from Sunflower Girl

  • use clean and skin-friendly skincare products at home.

  • simplify your beauty routine with multi-functional products.

  • look beautiful and take care of yourself naturally.